Smart IR

We’re often asked about specific video surveillance features.  One question we get is “what is smart IR”?  Smart IR technology was developed to solve the problem of cameras whiting out images.

A camera with Smart IR adjusts the intensity of the camera’s infrared LEDs to compensate for the distance of an object — particularly in low or no light setting — in order for the infrared to not overexpose the object.

For example, in low light conditions images of people’s faces won’t appear washed out with smart IR, as shown in the scenes below.

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Buying Smart

Image wash outs occur if a customer purchases an infrared camera with say a 60 foot IR range, but the camera is monitoring an area where people can approach it at a much closer distance, say 5 to 10 feet. Many IR cameras include Smart IR technology though not all do. To select the best equipment, we make sure we gather all requirements up front including possible low to no light conditions prior to recommending cameras for your business.

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