Secure Artificial Intelligence COVID Kiosk

Showing Pass/Fail

$2,599.00 including setup

Features and Capabilities

The Core360 is the fastest and most accurate COVID-19 temperature and facial recognition kiosk available.  Based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms the kiosk offers a high degree of safe spaces for employees, tenants and guests.

The kiosk complies with state and local requirements for businesses to provide COVID-safe environments.  With thermal infrared sensors as well as AI face recognition, the Core360 performs efficient, accurate temperature readings instantly.

The system is completely non-contact and requires no intervention from employee, tenant or guest except to briefly stand in front of the kiosk.

Here’s How

  • Simply stand a few feet in front of the screen
  • Instantly the screen will indicate the temperature
  • Color Display Threshold: Green=Pass Red=Fail

In the event of a high temperature an optional alarm and/or notification can be sent via email or SMS The kiosk is virtually plug and play. The standalone system is sharply styled for use in all business settings. No need for building management or office staff to awkwardly stand in front of an employee or guest pointing a handheld device at the forehead. Again, 100% touch-less.

For customers wanting to capture records the kiosk includes an easy-to-access record of scans.


  • Speed: ~1 second per scan
  • Accuracy: ± 0.4º F
  • Plug & Play Power
  • Face Mask Recognition
  • Ability to Download Excel Compatible Scan Reports
  • Face Recognition allows employee identification (Easily turn on and off)
  • Scanner Dimensions: 8.92″ x 4.72″ x 1.00″
  • Operating Temperature: 50º F – 113º F
  • Thermal Infrared Sensor: Heimann Level D Medical Grade
  • Recognition Height: 4’ to 7.2’