Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

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Core Technologies video surveillance systems represent the most affordable and effective method for keeping your business property safe. Video systems — secure Internet IP cameras — represent the best in digital surveillance and playback technology, an invaluable tool for businesses that need eyes on assets and properties.

Unlike outdated analog cameras that rely on closed-circuit television (CCTV), IP cameras deliver crisp images via the Internet — securely and immediately on smartphones.

4 Things to Know About IP Cameras

IP Cameras Resolution Offers More Detail … and More Results
1080p is known as Full HD Resolution and can offer 4K — or higher!  resolution. Whereas non-IP cameras use a standard resolution of 720p, which is almost half the resolution when viewed on a normal screen.

IP Cameras Are The Best for Facial Recognition
Full resolution cameras offer the best path to maximizing the identification level of video surveillance systems. A key disadvantage of using  old technology cameras is they often fail to provide the level detail to aid in the identification process when an inappropriate or illegal action occurs. Or they often fail to provide playback in a timely manner.

IP Cameras Are Versatile
An IP surveillance system can be integrated — securely — on your existing company network.

IP Cameras Are Cost-Effective
And because you can leverage your existing network, the cost of ownership is lower with IP than with standalone CCTV analog systems.

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